Service Level Agreement

Working Hours

The Bluedesk CRM Service Studio works during the following time slots, which are within the CEST time zone.

Day Time Day
Monday 08:30 – 17:30 Monday
Tuesday 08:30 – 17:30 Tuesday
Wednesday 08:30 – 17:30 Wednesday
Thursday 08:30 – 17:30 Thursday
Friday 08:30 – 17:30 Friday

We cannot be contacted on public holidays. These days vary from year to year. See here.


The following methods can be used to contact the service studio:
• Bluedesk CRM Customer Portal (
• Email to
• By telephone on +31 85 047 000 1

Definition ticket

The Bluedesk CRM Service Studio defines the following types of tickets:

Type of ticket



Request for advice on:

  • new functionality
  • changes in the software
  • customer-specific design


An error in the software, application or customer-specific design supplied, which can be reproduced.

Change Request

A request for a change in the customer-specific design supplied.


An impediment to the performance of the work, which is not caused by a bug in the software or customer-specific solution supplied.


General question about the customer-specific solution supplied.

With the exception of Bugs, the work carried out under a ticket may not exceed three hours.

Priority tickets

Each ticket is assigned a priority: high, medium or low. The priority assigned to each type of ticket is described in the following table. The Bluedesk CRM Service Studio reserves the right to change the priority of a ticket after an initial analysis. Of course, this will be done in consultation with the customer.




The business experiences demonstrably acute hindrance caused by the reported problem. For example:

  • Production system unavailable
  • Disruption within a critical business process


Questions and requests that do not require immediate attention or problems that do not result in an insurmountable obstacle for the organisation. For example:

  • Data changes
  • Minor change requests regarding existing functionality


General questions and requests for documentation or advice or desired new functionality.

  • Request for description of designed functionality
  • Refresh acceptance/test/development environments

Response times

The response time is defined based on the priority of a ticket. The response time is defined as the time from the moment the ticket is entered and registered in the ticket system of Bluedesk CRM until the moment the service studio responds. Response times are defined in hours.

Priority Response time Priority
High 2 hours High
Medium 12 hours Medium
Low 24 hours Low

Handling times

Bluedesk CRM uses a so-called best effort policy for its handling of tickets. This means that the ticket is handled as adequately and quickly as possible. The handling time of a ticket may be postponed if external parties are involved in the ticket. External parties may apply their own response and handling times other than set out in this document. For example:

  • Software supplier
  • Hardware supplier
  • IT service provider of the customer
  • ICT department of the customer

Closing tickets

A ticket may be closed by the Bluedesk CRM Service Studio if:

  • A solution has been proposed or implemented in the production environment and has been approved by the customer 
  • The client has failed to respond for more than 10 days. Of course, the customer is reminded of this in advance. 
  • The request falls outside the scope of the definition of a ticket. Obviously, this will be discussed with the customer.

Liability and responsibility

The client is responsible for providing access to its environment for the purpose of performing the work of the Bluedesk CRM Service Studio. Bluedesk CRM recommends the use of an acceptance/test environment for making and approving changes in. Bluedesk CRM is not liable for any consequences arising from direct changes to a production environment due to the lack of an acceptance/test environment that is the same as the production environment in terms of the configuration.
Following approval of a change in an acceptance, test or development environment by the client, Bluedesk CRM will implement a ticket in the production environment, following which the functionality is tested within the production environment, first by Bluedesk CRM and then also by the client. The client is responsible for approval. If it appears after testing by the customer that the desired functionality has not correctly been implemented in the production environment, the priority of the ticket is increased to high and it will be handled by Bluedesk CRM in compliance with the applicable response time.
In the case of data changes and imports that are to be carried out by Bluedesk CRM, the following agreements apply. Bluedesk CRM assumes that files provided by the client are correct in terms of data and format. In other words, Bluedesk CRM is responsible for correct reading of the supplied files. The client is responsible for the correct delivery of the files, both in respect of format and content (data).
The Bluedesk CRM service studio is not responsible for servers, databases and related items within a customer environment where these are not hosted by Bluedesk CRM. The client is responsible for backing up data and the environment, where the customer environment is not hosted by Bluedesk CRM.


The client shall appoint one or more administrators who may enter the tickets. Our advice is to work with two administrators.


Bluedesk CRM may provide updates on the status of tickets by email, telephone or through the customer portal.